Acid Rain: Are the Problems Solved?
May 2001 Conference Proceedings

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Introduction (264 kb)

Table of Contents
About the Center
CEI and Acid Rain
Conference Steering Committee
Conference Co-Sponsors
Conference Program May 2
Conference Program May 3
Introductory Message

SESSION I: Addressing the Acid Rain Problem
Twenty Years in Retrospect

Chair - Christopher Bernabo (26 kb)
Federal Legislative and Regulatory Record - Brian McLean (243 kb)
State/Local Legislative and Regulatory Role - Richard Valentinetti (327 kb)
Compliance Experience of Regulated Entities - John McManus (69 kb)

SESSION II: Research and Analysis - What the Reports Say

Chair - Bernard Melewski (24 kb)
Acid Rain Revisited - Charles T. Driscoll (97 kb)
National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program Analysis - Michael Uhart (38 kb)
Beyond Title IV: Perspectives on Additional Reductions - Rona Birnbaum (336 kb)

May 2 Luncheon Speaker

SESSION III: Acid Rain Impacts - State of the Science

Chair - Mary Barber (20 kb)
Sources and Receptors: Monitoring the Data - Van Bowersox (563 kb)
Blood, Poison and Death: Effects of Acid Deposition on Fish - Arthur J. Bulger Jr. (373 kb)
Coastal Ecosystems - Robert Howarth (434 kb)
Forest and Terrestrial Systems - Greg Lawrence (171 kb)
Human Health: Effects of Ambient Air Particulate Matter - Morton Lippmann (478 kb)
Materials and Cultural Resources - Mary F. Striegel (128 kb)

Special Program

Acid Rain: Are the Data and Information Problems Solved? - Frederick W. Stoss (141 kb)

SESSION IV: Acid Rain Linkages -
Ozone, Hazardous Air Pollutants, Particulate Matter,
Eutrophication, and Climate Change

Chair - Tamara Blett (22 kb)
Linkages Among Sources and Impacts - Paulette Middleton (578 kb)
Overview of the Impacts - James Galloway (This was removed at the request talk was removed at the request of the author)

SESSION V: North American Regional Impacts Panel

Chair - Ellis Cowling (16 kb)
Northeast - Richard Poirot (465 kb)
Mid-West - Douglas Knauer (324 kb)
Atmospheric Deposition and Its Effects in the Intermountain West - Donald H. Campbell (154 kb)
Southwest - Brent Takemoto (79 kb)
Canada - Guy Fenech (172 kb)
Southeast Regional Impacts - Ellis Cowling (32 kb)

May 3 Luncheon Speaker

Congressman John E. Sweeney (24 kb)

SESSION VI: Economics of Acid Rain

Chair - John D. Kinsman (47 kb)
Compliance Costs and Markets - Jeremy Platt (425 kb)
Economic Benefits of Controls - Dallas Burtraw (463 kb)

Guest Speaker

House of Representatives Science Committee: Hearing on Acid Rain -
The State of the Science and Research Needs for the Future

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