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The Lake Ontario Coastal Initiative steering committee has been working to figure out how to best help you, the stakeholders. The idea of a Lake Ontario coastal network gathered strength at the New York's North Coast - A Troubled Coastline Conference. What has been repeatedly mentioned is that many of the problems are already known but there aren't sufficient funds to tackle them. The LOCI steering committee is proposing forming a regional organization to bring in funds for remediation efforts. We want your input! How should such an organization function? How should priorities be established? Help us answer these questions and more. Be part of the solution.

If you wish to participate in a workshop in your area, have suggestions for the website, or would like additional information contact John Terninko at CEI.

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Other Information

On July 16, 2003 the Wayne County Water Quality Coordinating Committee, with support from Save Our Sodus, Inc. and the Sodus Bay Improvement Association, held the Wayne County Freshwater Resources Conference titled Aquatic Weeds, Issues & Controls.

Two of the presentations were given by Dr. Stephen Souza of Princeton Hydro, LLC. who's company is undertaking the Sodus Bay Watershed Management Plan and Alum Feasibility Study. Dr. Souza's presentations can be viewed through the links below.

Open Bay Limnology vs. Near Shore Limnology

Looks at the differences of influencing factors on aquatic weed growth for near-shore (littoral) zone, a shallow water zone that surrounds the bay where light reaches the bottom, stimulating the growth of aquatic vegetation and the open-water part of the bay (limnetic) zone, containing ting plants(phytoplankton that carry on photosynthesis.

Sodus Bay Watershed Management Plan and Alum Feasibility Study

Princeton Hydro, LLC. was selected as a consultant to perform a feasibility study on the application of liquid aluminum sulfate to Sodus Bay along with development of a detailed watershed management plan. The presentation will summarize all work completed to date and the outlook to future development.

FYI - One of many additional alum resources is a Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources report titled Alum Treatment To Control Phosphorous And Algae In Lakes.

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