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Pollution Prevention & U.S. EPA National Performance Track

RGBN beakfast seminar
September 25th 2003

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OUR GOAL is to promote good environmental management in businesses throughout the Greater Rochester region. The RGBN is for all businesses - small, medium and large to share information and good environmental practices.

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What is RGBN
See Good Environmental Management in Practice!
Learn More About Hot Environmental Topics!
Member Services for the Future!

How to JOIN the RGBN!

What is the RGBN?

The RGBN is a network of like-minded businesses and organizations - small, medium and large - who share a mutual concern for the state of our environment and as a consequence aspire to improve their environmental performance.

This network of companies comprises all types of businesses and organizations from manufacturing and construction to service industries.

RGBN provides a forum for members to share their ideas and practical experiences in managing environmental issues with other RGBN members during organized events and through less formal discussions.

Read on and find out if the RGBN is for your company!

See Good Environmental Management in Practice!

The RGBN members program includes several field trips throughout the year to businesses and organizations in the Rochester area to provide practical insight into environmental programs and services such as:

  • waste minimization projects
  • energy conservation projects
  • waste handling facilities
  • water treatment plants
  • energy production facilities

You will be able to view implemented projects, find out the pitfalls and ask all the questions you need to initiate similar programs at your company!

Learn More About Hot Environmental Topics!

There will be workshops and seminars by industry experts on a range of practical environmental topics such as:

  • energy management & conservation
  • environmental & safety management systems (ISO14001)
  • closed loop manufacturing
  • risk management
  • regulatory compliance
  • local/global environmental issues
  • sustainable development in practice

The emphasis will be on the practicalities of implementation and case studies will be sought out showing examples of cost savings and good environmental management practices. Ample time will be allocated for members to discuss the practical details of a topic during the workshops and seminars.

Does your company have an environmental case study it is proud of and wishes to share with others? Give us a call and let us know!

We are planning to join forces with other environment-related organization in the area to provide joint seminars on topics of common interest.

Member Services for the Future!

  • Information Brokerage - to continue the tradition of CEI’s environmental information service, by providing a staffed environmental helpline service to answer questions and to help link smaller companies with governmental environmental initiatives such as free audit programs, grants, tax breaks and awards.
  • Low-Cost Environmental Reviews - for smaller businesses, through a network of committed environmental specialists focusing on improving environmental performance through EMS, regulatory compliance, waste management and energy efficiency
  • Mentoring Program - where companies with well established environmental programs offer structured support to companies wishing to learn.
  • Your Ideas - as a member, you will be able to help steer the direction of RGBN to suit your needs and aspirations. Please give us a call to discuss your ideas!

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